Katrina Rose Dideriksen


Pregnancy Pact

"As Kaylee, the one who can’t get pregnant, Katrina Rose Dideriksen is great at hostility and terrific in the role of supporter. She gets to sing the "Kaffritz" or "Rizzo" song, "Leave Me Behind" with great style, verve and emotional impact." (EDGE- J. Peter Bergman)

"Katrina Rose Dideriksen was irresistible as Kaylee, the toughie with the acid tongue and the heart of gold. " (Rutland Herald- Jim Lowe)

BloodSong of Love (at Ars Nova, NYC)

 "Katrina Rose Dideriksen and MK Lawson provide killer vocals and ample spunk to this dastardly band of outlaws." (Music Omh- Richard Patterson)

"The cast couldn't be better, and very fine, enthusiastic performances are drawn from the Family members—the huge voiced Katrina Rose Dideriksen (as Whore in Boots), Jeremy Morse (outrageously funny as Lo Cocodrilo), MK Lawson (as Violetta), stoic Eric William Morris (as the Musician), Lance Rubin (also outrageously funny as Banana), and the soulful Jason "Sweet Tooth" Williams as the Storyteller." (NYtheatre.com- David Gordon)

"..But the best singer in the bunch is Katrina Rose Dideriksen, who ably shoulders two roles: that of Banana's belligerent wife and a whore whose boots unfortunately attract the covetous attention of Crocodilo....Dideriksen is one of those powerhouse sopranos who could raise the dead, and it seems like a long wait until her too-short solo, the penultimate number "Shoot 'Em Up."  (Theater Mania-Sandy MacDonald)

 "Katrina Rose Dideriksen, for example steals scenes with her wide country smile and scheming eyes. Her dangerous sexiness can be seen even when aiming a shotgun with curlers in her hair as the wife of The Musician’s sidekick Banana (Lance Rubin), or hobbling around on crutches as a footless prostitute. In songs like “Don’t Ya Make Me Ask Ya Twice (Part I)” and “Shoot ‘Em Up”, she sings with rowdy, reckless conviction and perfect pitch."  (New Theater Corps-Amanda Halkiotis)


Jerry Springer: The Opera (at Carnegie Hall)

"When Laura Shoop, dressed as an infant who wants to be spanked, and Katrina Rose Dideriksen, the aspiring pole dancer, step into the spotlight to sing about their dreams of being noticed, a lustrous, heartbreaking purity enfolds them...please, let the pole-dancing fat lady sing again." (NY Times - Ben Brantley)

 "..when Dideriksen with aching vulnerability reveals how dancing releases Shawntel from squalid reality, the show takes on a soulful dimension that ennobles its subjects' willingness to expose their dirty laundry ."(Variety -David Rooney)

Hairspray (Various Productions)


"...prior experience lends depth and polish to many of the lead roles, most notably those of Katrina Rose Dideriksen as the perky, principled and fearless Tracy Turnblad" (Pittsburgh Tribune- Alice T. Carter)

"Katrina Rose Dideriksen is a dynamo as Tracy -- singing in an alternately sweet and powerful voice, dancing up a storm, and nailing all of her laughs. (The audience particularly loved her delivery of the lyric "Won't go all the way but I'll go pretty far!" in the wonderful Act I number "I Can Hear the Bells.") " -Michael Portantiere (Theater Mania)

"Relative newcomer Katrina Rose Dideriksen and a positively beatific Harvey Fierstein, in drag and very much at home center stage, are perfectly matched as a daughter-and-mother team fighting for the rights of people of color and the dignity of girls of girth. " (Splash Magazines-Michael Montroy)

"Katrina Rose Dideriksen, who's played rotund Tracy Turnblad on Broadway and on tour, is a fireplug of energy, and there's not a trace of autopilot about her performance, which is a great compliment." (Houston Press)


"Katrina Rose Dideriksen and Badia Farha... sensational voices and poised stage presence set them apart from the rest." (Cabaret Scenes - David Hurst)

"I'm predicting super stardom for young Katrina Rose Dideriksen.. Her voice and her dance moves have to be seen and heard to be believed. She is one tremendous talent." -Robin Leach (Celebrity Gossip, host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous)

"She's got the goods." - Harvey Fierstein (Actor/writer/director)

"Katrina has an amazing voice. She just lights up." -Jack O'Brien (Broadway Director)